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Requests Benefits

REQUESTS allows you to run your maintenance request operation electronically, drastically reducing the number of phone calls and amount of paperwork. This, in turn, frees up your maintenance staff to attend to maintenance related tasks without the constant interruptions.

  • Have control over who is authorised to create jobs from the requests. This feature will ensure double-up work is reduced and trades have a single point of access to ensure they get the correct information when carrying out job requests.
  • Have AMPRO automatically notify you when new requests have been added and email the requester when changes are made to their job request. All correspondence between AMPRO and REQUESTS is recorded.
  • As changes are made in AMPRO to the job, the requester is kept up to date in REQUESTS by live updates back to the requester. This reduces the number of phone calls to find out the status of job requests.
  • Have the ability to report on job requests and print and export to most common file formats (PDF, Excel, etc). Run reports showing your own requests or your departments requests or all requests.
  • Use the built-in filters to show job requests at the various stages of completion (not actioned, to be authorised, job raised etc.). You also have the ability to view only your job requests, your department’s job requests, or all job requests.

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