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Case Study: Produce & Farming Industry

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Another AMPRO success story

"Since we started using AMPRO our overall maintenance costs have reduced by 24.8%" (Andrew Willoughby, Technical Services Co-ordinator, Pace Farm, Australia).

Pace Farm is Australia's leading producer and marketer of eggs and egg products. It is a fully integrated producer with 60 farms, 600 staff and over 2,000,000 hens. Pace Farm supplies egg products to major food processors, restaurants, supermarkets as well as the food services industry in Australia and overseas.

Pace Farm consistently strives to invest in originality and the ability to exceed international standards, and these have become the main drivers within the company. For that reason Pace Farm is now also classified as a world class benchmark in its maintenance and operational cost saving practices within the industry.

Many people wonder, what is so different about the maintenance practices that have led Pace Farm to such success. Andrew Willoughby, who is the Technical Services Co-ordinator for Pace Farm looks after Pace Farms' projects, training practices, as well as maintenance procedures across all their sites.

For such responsibility he needed a tool to help him monitor what is happening across each site at any time, and he needed to be able to do this as time efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Mr Willoughby was aware of the benefits of using a Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) as he had been introduced to them previously. He started looking at a CMMS for Pace Farm.

Pace Farm went through a thorough evaluation process and contacted 15 different CMMS suppliers, including Third City Solutions the makers of AMPRO. Mr. Willoughby said Pace Farm chose AMPRO over the 14 other CMMS packages because it was "the simplest to use, it has the easiest layout and it does what Pace Farm wanted it to do". He also mentioned that Third City Solutions staff members were "very easy to work with and they were prepared to tailor AMPRO to even better suite Pace Farm's needs". 

Today Pace Farm uses AMPRO primarily for managing their maintenance activities on their grading floors and farms.

Maintenance management software packages, including AMPRO, are said to result in a number of different benefits such as cost savings, improved business planning, reduced downtime and increased production. So, when asking Mr. Willoughby if their productivity had changed since the purchase of AMPRO, he responded very positively. Mr. Willoughby explained; "We measure Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) rates and when we initially started using AMPRO, 2 years ago, there was a slight increase in our productivity. Now that we are using AMPRO consistently, our average equipment availability has increased by 15%".

Further to this, Mr. Willoughby added that their "stock management is better" as well as they are "able to find quick solutions for problems by looking at equipment job history". He explained that Pace Farm has "5 different sites networked together, which all have access to AMPRO, meaning that presenting and finding information at any time is easy".

It is true that since the purchase of AMPRO, Pace Farm's productivity has increased by a substantial amount. Another benefit of using a CMMS, such as AMPRO, is that it should help you to lower your operating costs within a company.  When Mr. Willoughby was asked if their operational costs had dropped, he again responded positively. He also continued "In the first 12 months from starting up with AMPRO we had a drop of 18% in our operational costs. Since then, up until today, there has been an additional drop of 7%, and we have also forecasted another 5% drop for the next 12-18 months." 

In addition, when looking at purely maintenance related costs for Pace Farm, Mr. Willoughby also added that since they started using AMPRO, their overall maintenance costs have reduced by 24.8%. This produced savings in stock and spare part holdings, as well as in labour overtime rates.
This study has looked at the effect that AMPRO, a maintenance management software package from Third City Solutions, has had on an Australian based egg producer, Pace Farm. By talking with Mr. Willoughby, who is the Technical Services Co-ordinator for Pace Farm, it became obvious that by using AMPRO Pace Farm has had a significant increase in its equipment availability, which has led to an increase in production activities. Further to this, Pace Farm's operational and maintenance related costs have dropped since the implementation of AMPRO. This has also led Pace Farm to become an innovator in maintenance and cost savings strategies within the egg production industry.

As a final point, Mr. Willoughby was asked if there is anything he would like to tell people who are looking implementing a CMMS, Mr. Willoughby concluded that after using a number of different CMMS packages in the past, he considered AMPRO to be the most effective and simplest one to use. He stated that "at Pace Farm our case was unique because of the nature of our business, and we needed something that could be tailored to suite our needs. The support that Third City Solutions provide can not be beaten. They are always meeting our requests, and they are always looking at making improvements to further meet the requirements and needs of Pace Farm, and their customers."