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Case Study: Print & Production Industry

5 minutes with a Customer - Hannanprint

We recently asked one of our customers a few brief questions about AMPRO and maintenance management software in general.

Who are you and what do you do?

Hannanprint is part of the independent Print Media Group (IPMG). We are a large offset printing company specialising in magazines, catalogues and newspapers. We host one of the most modern printing facilities in the southern hemisphere and can provide a total solution for customers from files to mailing. We employee over 500 people in a site which spans 3.8 hectares under cover.

Why did you change from your existing CMMS to AMPRO?

Our previous system was proving to be a handful in managing the everyday maintenance items and reporting. AMPRO allows us to use the extensive range of reports that are available in the application as well as each user having the ability to store their favourite reports in an easy to access area from within AMPRO.

On another issue, our users were complaining about having to return to a main menu and enter a new module every time they wanted to check on something that was in another module. AMPRO allows us to access each module from anywhere in the application and have multiple windows from various modules open at the same time.

What Benefits have you seen since moving to AMPRO?

Apart from the pleasure of navigating around the well laid out application which is consistent throughout, AMPRO also give us the following benefits:

  • Faster data entry for the trades people.
  • Exporting reports to common file formats. Very easy to use.
  • Much improved performance running over our network.
  • The PDA application (AMPRO PE) has a huge potential for us.

What would you say to someone who is looking for Asset Maintenance Management software?

Have a look at what is out there and then look at AMPRO. You will be surprised at the number of systems out there and they range from cheap little packages through to the large enterprise packages. Make sure you understand what it is you need.

We looked at a few systems and then selected AMPRO because of its ability to supply us with the results at the end of the day. Our machinery is being maintained on time by the correct technician, the data that we are collecting is useful and accurate and the reports are prepared at the press of a button.


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